My gf just told me I want to break up after few arguments but she still very curious about my life?

I want her back but I need to come from her. I tried No contact but she intrupted it after a week asking for stuff. she is very curious about mylife and updates. I am confused she was saying that's it and dont want me for long term but want stay friends. she had sex woth me twice when I went to take my stuff. however she cry after and said I m bad we shouldn't do that. what shoudl I do to make her get back to me


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  • I honestly would ignore her at all costs she has her stuff now so no reason to contact. And if she tries calling/texting just say you broke up with me remember what I do and whatever else is no longer your business..


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  • I think there's something wrong in your relationship that you have to discover. Something that doesn't work out when speaking of a long term commitment, like money or future plans that doesn't make her feel secure. She might still have feelings for you but women could see if the relationship is going nowhere unless you guys have concrete plans. If she asked about any updates in your life, that might just be her guilt checking if you're in a good place after she breaks up with you. And the sex, people get attachment in sex, but that doesn't mean she would change her mind in staying with you because of sex.

    • But I want her and willing to do whatever is reasonable. She didn't talk to me about anything or any concenrs except few silly arguments that's not about any serious or future plans.

  • I'm sorry to say she's using you as a "monkey branch". Until she finds someone else. :(

    • That would be bad but why made you think she is doing that? The sex thing happend but we/she stopped. Don't you think she may rethink or want to get back. when I mentioned something fortunate happend to me she was super curious to know shoud I just ignore her?

    • Because anytime a woman can have "sex" with you, is a sure sign. Woman have a hard time separating sex and love. During a break up, she knows that would be the hardest thing to do if she still has feelings. What should have result from that encounter was her saying..."I made a mistake and I see that now, please forgive me and take me back". But instead she chose to say it was a "mistake"? RED FLAG.

    • She want to stay consistant so don't look crazy how she said I don't love you anymore and she still shows all the signs of love. oh I was her first and she was 25 when I met her two years ago so I know she's always immature and don't know her feelings

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  • She broke it off so give her no contact and space! Something I should have done with my ex..

    • I gave her space and she contacted me back and acting with a lot of curiousty

    • That's not nc. Make her go longer, she broke it off so if she really does love you she will come back. My ex did the same thing but I answered and in the end she was just dragging me a long til she found someone else

    • That's sad and that's what I am so worry about

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