Ex says he loves me and misses me after 10 months of no contact. How do I handle this situation?

My ex (whom was struggling with depression) and I (of 2 years) broke up last year. He sent some really ugly messages to me shortly after we broke up and I just ignored them.

I moved on and started going out with someone else.

My ex and I didn't talk for 10 months.

He messaged me out of the blue yesterday and apologized to me and said he was moving away in 2 days. I accepted his apology and said I had forgiven him. He asked if we could me for coffee and I said that we should just leave it at apologies accepted.

He messaged me today and said that he loves me and misses along with sorry things didn't work out of the better.

What should I say to him? Is there anything to say? Should I let it go?

I honestly don't know the etiquette in this situation and do not want to be mean or bitter to him (he is a decent person).


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  • It's obvious that he feels bad for how he reacted towards you after the break up. He realized 10 months later that you were a good girlfriend and he probably couldn't find what he was looking for after the break up. It's also obvious that you have moved on, forgiven him and do not want anything else to do with him at this point, in that way.
    Don't feel as if you are forced to hang out with him, because it seems like you might eventually push yourself into going out with him. Just tell him that it's sweet of him to think of you and initiate plans, but you already have something planned. If you go and don't feel like being there, then it's going to be uncomfortable, maybe.


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