How do I get over my ex boyfriend?

Okay my boyfriend broke up with me the other day and im really sad that we broke up but he doesn't like me any more and it really sucks so what should I do to get over him cause I like him a lot


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  • A girl broke up with me, i knew why. I went listening to a song, and a line just got me: ' i blame you, but less than myself'. Learn your mistakes ( maybe the mistake was that he wasn't right for you). You can do nothing, move on.


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  • Honestly, I don't think there's really anything you can do. Things like that just sort of take time to get over. Depending on how long you two have been going out, it might take a while but eventually you'll get over him. You look like a cute girl so I'm sure there will be other guys you'll meet that will be equally as good if not better than that guy so try not to let it bring you down too much. In the mean time, just hang out with you friends and do fun stuff. If they're good friends, I'm sure they'll support you and try to make you feel better!

    • lol were were dating on and off for 6 months and also we used to fight a lot and now he is dating my enemy grrr I hate it when people do that.

  • Only time will do that and it will


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