How do I get my boyfriend to give me a second chance?

I have acknowledged all the things that led to our break up and I have been working on myself for the past month so these problems don't arise again. All I want is to be given the chance to prove to him that I have changed and that he can love me again. How do I convince him of that?


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  • All you can do is talk to him. Being totally honest, I really doubt you have changed much in a month but I guess its possible I could be wrong but think about it.

  • Well, I don't know what it was you may have done to cause the split, so I'd say first it really depends on why you split up.

    That said, some basics apply to any situation. First, any time you are able to, you need to demonstrate how you changed. You will also want to show that this change is making you better and happier. Third, a sincere apology one single time, preferably face-to-face. Sincere means you accept all blame for where you did wrong, without redirecting any blame back to him. Finally, accept you may not get that second chance, find peace with this fact, and still demonstrate to yourself and the rest of the world that you are a good person to be around. Maybe that's enough to convince him, and maybe not. But even if not, he'll respect you for that, and then who knows what happens from there?


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