Took my stuff out of my bf's house, will this make him realiZe that I am Being serious?

I went during his work hours and took my stuff I have been waiting on him
For the past 3 weeks for him to be back to normal he still being cold and distant with me, he is taking me for granted, last night I did my final try and he kept going around loops throwing the ball at me, so I got fed up and got my stuff today. Any thoughts? Will this make him realiZe I am serious on walking away if he doesn't come around ,


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  • It will backfire if I am being honest and direct with you. If he is being "cold" and "distant" than removing your things will only say to him "we're over" and will give him leave to pursue other things. My suggestion is you need to sit him down and have a mature one on one conversation where you get to the bottom of his treatment. If you don't do that quickly you should realize he will, very likely (if he is a man), not contact you again in terms of relationship conversing.

    • wish I would of read this earlier.. because it did backfire

    • I'm sorry to hear that. Just remember for your next relationship, communication is key and always exhaust your options before you play games to try to mold a response.

  • Well it that doesn't get the message through, nothing will.

    If you're being taken for granted I don't know why you would want to go back.


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