I talked about my ex with his co-workers, is that stupid?

We met a year and half ago, then we were in a relationship until 5 months ago he broke up with me because he went back to his ex. 2 months ago he said he ended everything with his ex. He told me "not to talk about me with my co-workers, otherwise I'll get into trouble", because this I felt he's hidden something bad, so I asked one of his co-workers, just one, she said he did have a girlfriend after the time we broke up, but they did broke up, and she (his co-worker) doesn't know that I had been his girlfriend. I told her not to tell my ex about our conversation, she said "I promise". I'm 23 and she is 28, she plays lots of sports. I have the intention of dating my ex again, but, I don't know if she gossips, but is this stupid?

In case if she gossips and then my ex find out, what is wise to do?


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  • for me, I don't wanna say its stupid.. its something weird.. Do you know the reason behind why your ex will get into trouble if you talk to your coworkers? And it seems that he's hiding something... I just don't understand why you still want to date with your ex again..
    Never trust anyone... if your ex find out, then do nothing since you didn't made any promise to him about talking to coworkers.. and besides, he is an ex.. what's so special about it?


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  • It was very stupid to be frank. If the man you want to be with states "not to talk about me with my co-workers, otherwise I'll get into trouble" and you do so anyhow he will likely never trust you and your chances of being with him just went down monumentally. Of course she is going to tell him, think about it, you are some random girl looking for information and she is his co-worker. Unless she hates him (which she obviously doesn't considering she knew the information) there is no chance in hell she isn't going to tell him (she probably already has).


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