Why can't I get over this idiot?

Three years ago I broke up with my boyfriend. We were both 19 at the time and really immature once we broke up. If he texted me randomly and I text back he would wait hours to answer back. Then I would take double the time to respond back, then he would take a day to answer and I would take two days to answer, etc. It was ongoing for months. Not only that, every time I would update my status, I would see him signing off each time so I know he was watching. After a while we wouldn't talk for months at a time. One day he was writing love type statuses and acting weird on Facebook. Around the same time he wrote those statuses, I would receive blocked calls but I always missed it. Then the following week I get a random text from him asking me if I missed him. I said no even though I really did. He never responded back. A minute later, I go on Facebook and I see on my newsfeed about him talking about how sometimes the one you want the most is the one you're best without. From that day forward, I never heard from him again.

Now a year later after we last spoke, I went to the amusement park with my friend and I saw him there too. I have forgotten about him but my heart couldn't help but to collapse. I thought I was over him but seeing him a few feet away from me almost froze me up. He didn't see me though. Why do I still have feelings for him? I got over all of my exes and can look them straight in the eye and not feel anything but apparently I still have lingering feelings for this one! After all these years too.


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  • maybe you just didn't have proper closure with him yet? I loved the question title though hahaa. gave me a good chuckle.


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