Had a friendly break up with my ex but she never said happy bday (my bday was a month later) instead she deposited a check I sent her?

My gf of a year broke up with me about 5 weeks ago. Long story, but we broke up on friendly terms. At the end of our conversation my ex said "please don't be a stranger". I'm certainly not expecting to be BFFs with my ex but my bday was last week and I didn't hear a peep from her (she is still friends with me on FB and skype... she should know). Instead she deposited a check I sent to her for a web design job she did for me... right on my bday. She had been sitting on the check for two weeks.

We are meeting up later this week to discuss the web design project. We have to meet in person to go over a few things. I want to keep our conversation professional, but I'm considering to jokingly bring up that she wished me happy bday "by depositing my check" at the end of the meeting. I highly doubt she did this on purpose... but it did sting me very much. Should I mention something (lightly)? I didn't want anything special from her on my bday. But a simple text, email or a fb post would have made me feel a lot better.
The thing is the girl pulled such a 180 on me compared to only a few months ago. Hot to ice cold. There wasn't any specific incident that caused our break up... but an accumulation of a lot of little things. I was also struggling with my
professional life and took it out on her a little too much. However I'm beginning to wonder if she met a new guy right around the time she dumped me.


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  • If you ask it'll show or at least it would look like you are still not over it. I don't think it's a good idea to show that you care about her not wishin you happy bd


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  • Cheques take a couple days to clear, don't they?

    Even if they don't, you would be giving yourself away by saying this to her. Keep things professional and have as little to do with her as possible. Sounds like you aren't taking the breakup so well, so it would probably be best you give yourself a lot of room and time to get over things

    • yeah initially took the break up fine... but now I'm having a delayed reaction.

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  • just say how your birthday went.

    • yeah I'm going to brag about my bd (honestly it wasn't great... but I can exaggerate)

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  • Leave it be. If you truly want it to be friendly don't say anything. You just have to hold that sting in.
    Sounds like you are taking the breakup hard. I would suggest removing yourself from keeping that wound open from her. If you have to meet, do so professionally and don't spend anymore time with her than necessary. After that keep away until you are healed.


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