Ex is seeing her cousins ex husband?

We broke up 2 months ago and it's been a couple weeks since we text each other but when I cut her off completely due to my gut feeling telling me she was going to try to hurt me even more she started dating her cousins ex husband? And yes they do have a kid together.. Wtf. I'm still lost because our relationship was perfect for 8 - 9 months but sorta took a turn at the end. I thought we would adventually get back together but she was too cold at the end. I've met the guy once and all of his previous relationships basically failed be ause he was too sweet.. Is he a rebound? Her friend was telling me she was very unhappy the first couple weeks we had been without each other and she's more afraid of being alone.. We dated for a year and everytime we were together it was good but when we weren't we would ocassionally fight... Here I thought she was the one but she pulls this shit and I'm scratching my head like wth


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  • Yeah, he might be a rebound. Usually when there's some secrecy or drama, I just take a step back for a few days and I just do things for my own enjoyment on my own, then when things settle I ask for some straightforward answers.

    • I don't even know what to think about this.. They have been dating since July 5th. She just recently deleted her Facebook that she said she would never delete. I think there is some family issues now. Just doesn't makes sense to me man.. One minute we were talking like we were getting back together then the next she tells me to let go after I apologized for the things I said when I was hurt.. But she's being reallly cold right now and it seems like she wants me to find out and give her a reaction which I haven't yet.. It's just a huge shocker to me.

    • Don't get shocked, because you'll just be giving her satisfaction. If someone's being mean, just ignore them, that's the best thing at this point.

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