How do I forget about my ex?

I'm sure this is a common question -- but how do I forget about my ex?
We tried the whole "get back together thing" but he told me how "he wasn't in the mood for a relationship right now"... I think that's a load of crap. He has a history of lying to me.
So, what can I do? Delete and block him from facebook/twitter?


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  • Delete and block him and ignore him in life. Just indulge yourself on mini-vacations, see nice movies, enjoy a cigar here and there, go to a nice restaurant and enjoy the food and the sunset. Try this for a few weeks.


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  • There are so many different things you can do to get over your Ex. Like XXXXYYYMAN said, you can make new friends and go out. These two things alone are perfect when it comes to occupying your mind. It's all about focusing on other things that don't include your ex. Your social networks are only small areas that you should focus on but they really are JUST SMALL AREAS. You really need to take the time to focus on yourself and get your yourself back centered so that you will be open to a new love. Until you rid your heart of the ex, you won't be able to allow anyone else in.


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  • Meet new friends and go out, go to gym, travel, don't stay alone much.. write down wht you didn't like about him (write)
    Honestly new guy will make you completely forget him but be careful with sex (hold on that)

    Can you answer mine too?

  • It will happen on its own as time goes on. Especially when u meet someone better. Losing an X is like losing $100 it sucks its tough but then when u meet someone new n better suited for u, it's like finding $10,000 its hard to think about $100 lost when u just found $10,000.

    He could be confused, eventually if he really misses u n realizes he wants to be with u, he will try to contact u. Other than that, leave him be. Makes no sense to try to be with someone that doesn't want to b with u.


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