Confusing love commitment?

Okay, so I've been talking to a guy since February. He told me that he liked me and I liked him etc, we never made an exact way of saying that we are in a relationship. But recently he told me that we should stay friends due to circumstances between our family values, he said that it's hard for him as much as it's hard for me. We both love each other, since he told me that I didn't speak to him for a while because I was so confused and just heart broken, his talking to me again but his just expressing how he wants to be passionate with me? (Not sexually)
The real question is that why is it hard for him to commit but yet still love me? mmm


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  • He is a guy. Guys are wired differently than girls. Which means that you either wait or you move on to someone who is willing to move just a fast as you. It takes time for a guy to become ready for commitment. Which is a good thing because when he finally does commit, he will give his everything. No chic wants a man to half way do things when it comes to her heart. So just fall back ad be patient. You shouldn't rush love. Rushed love never lasts.

    And for your last question, a man can love you and not be committed. He just in love with you. There is a huge difference between the two.

    hmmmm... that might be a great article for my site!

    • Thanks for your response! :) yeah I probably am thinking too far ahead..
      Do you mind telling me what your site is?
      Thanks again! :)

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  • I think he's confused, but not about his love for you. Love's risky, and he just wants to make sure he nails it right.


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