How do I forget her? her every word? promises? kisses? hugs?

how do i forget the person i have been dating for 4 years... its so difficult and crushing... i just am too much broken up... i thought it only happened to girls but seriously... its like my insides are doing somersaults... anyone some good advice... i hope you people dont make fun over here... and are reasonable..


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  • Four years is okay to feel so lost without someone! Your mind is the one thing that keeps wandering back to how bad you feel, and you need to keep it occupied while you grieve your relationship. So over time, yes it will get better, so in the meantime, keep the mind busy. Do puzzles, read books, watch movies that will cheer you up, call up an old friend that you haven't talked to in a long time so that you can catch up on news that will engage in a long chat. Try something new that you haven't done before. If you haven't golf, go to a driving range and rent a couple of clubs and see how you like it.

    After ending my last long-term relationship, I read book after book to let my mind escape to something else. Eventually I went from reading to writing my own book. Gathering all my thoughts and keeping busy writing was therapeutic and after a long time, I could look back and read what I had felt that whole time, and I could tell I had done a lot of healing.

    Good luck!


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  • The best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else.


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  • Awww I'm sorry. :c

    Well the only way is to start living your life with out her. You'll get used to being without her eventually but not if you're sitting around dwelling on the situation.

    Go have fun with your friends. Work on your career and other dream/goals. Focus on yourself. Don't be afraid to date or get to know new people (girls). Even if its just a fling... You don't have to start a new relationship any time soon.

    You can find happiness without her. And you can find someone new when you're ready. For now just put yourself back out there and stay focused on YOU, not you ex or your breakup.

    Wishing you the best. Feel better. 😊

  • You will get over her. Just give it time


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