Moving on from breakup? Was this a reason to breakup with someone?

I broke up with my bf about 3 days ago because he was ignoring my texts for days for no reason but was on social media tweeting, posting pictures etc.

When he finally decided to acknowledge me and text back out the blew at 3 o clock in the morning I told him to fuck off. I explained to him that he is not going to ignore my text then text me days later like it's all good. He told me that he didn't ignore me that he "forgot". I thought that was bullshit because this is not the first time he's done this. Lately before this I felt like were were changing. He removed my comment from one of his pictures on his instagram, and basically was making it known on social media that he was single when he wasn't while still saying he loves me and calling me baby etc.

Im trying hard to move on from this, it's easier than I thought. But I still need help on how to forget about him. Tips?


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  • There is only one way to "Move On" from someone. And that is to find someone new. Don't focus on trying to move on from him, that will only cause you to focus on him. (In any way focusing on him, even if your focusing on forgetting, your still thinking about him)

    No matter how long you just wait there you won;t get over him until you get back into the dating scene.

    That's why there are rebound relationships. You just need someone new to focus on, even if you honestly don't really care about them nearly as much just something new to focus on will do. Some people commit themselves to jobs or hobbies, but you need something new to focus on.


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  • There isn't anything to figure out about him. First of all, if it's easy for you to move on then he meant nothing to you for real. And obviously you don't mean nothing to him.

    Personally I don't think that you were tripping for ditching him. Who wants to be with someone who ignores them INTENTIONALLY? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see when someone isn't responding to you on purpose. So with that being said, making him fall back was the perfect move to me.

    I mean, as long as you weren't being a buggaboo and texting him every few minutes, make him kick rocks and eat dirt.


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  • WTF The moment my man were to delete any comment I posted on any of his social media profiles, it's over.


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