Break up... What is the best way to say it to someone face to face?

My question title says it all :)


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  • If it was me I would try to make it as painless as possible, in fact I would go as far as to avoid the whole issue of less attraction altogether if that was the case. I wouldn't want to make the blow harder but making them feel like they're in some way not worthy or they're unattractive or that I've been stringing them along. If I had to tell a few white lies to make it easier for them to take, then I'd do that. Just make out it's that I don't feel like I can be relationship material at this stage of my life and that I need to focus on myself but that they made me feel very special and I hope I made them feel loved for the period of time we had :)

    • well he told me i wasn't making any effort in the relationship and if i dont he'd break up with me, I've done everything to make it work but nothing has happened now :/ he's pree much ignoring me now so yeah..

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    • right :) Thank you ! :)

    • You're welcome, and fingers crossed it goes smoothly! :)

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  • There is no best way. If the person's going to be immature about it, at this point, the cellphone text's your best friend. I would breakup in a public place where you can immediately leave.

    • okay thank you, i just dont know what to say really

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    • yeah, thank you :)

    • No problem.

  • Say something like.
    My feelings towards the relationship have changed and it's not fair to you if I keep lying about it.


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