Girls, Jumping into another relationship after just getting out of one get you over your previous love?

Just curious.. Lot of my family and hers thought we were going to get married but we broke up at the beginning of June and she jumped into another relationship in July due to arguing a lot. I'm still stuck on her and curious if she even thinks about the times we had, we dated a little more than a yr


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  • This could be a difficult situation, are you still contacting her? If so, stop! This is how she knows your still around and is careless about jumping straight into another relationship. Females find it hard to move on especially right after a break up. So just avoid any sort of contact with her, and she will realise what's missing in her life. We tend to let loose if we know your still around.. So just space it out, be yourself and she will come running back!
    But that's if you want her too...

    • It's been 3 weeks since we text. She's been in the relationship for 2 weeks now. Last text was me apologizing and hers was saying basically to let it go. Which I did when she wanted space but she kept texting and I kept responding. She's deleted her fb and all my friends / family before she did.

    • When she texts again, don't respond to her. She knows your still there behind her if anything fails, so try and avoid any sort of contact and trust me the realisation of you not contacting her will hit her and she will be thinking "wow, he actually got over me. Why isn't he responding?" Instead of what she thinks now, "he will respond any moment now"
      I'm conclusion, avoid any contact what so ever! :)

    • Thanks! I'm looking forward to her texting but at the same time it's kinda hard seeing her text when she's got someone else holding her.

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