How do I get over a girl I thought was in love with me only to find out she's nothing but a liar?

So I was with this woman for 2 years and we have a baby together. She's 5 months old and very adorable and I love her very much. That being said the woman I was with crushed me and lied to me and now I feel like I don't know what to do or what to think anymore. I was in love with her and still am but she doesn't seem to care at all and she has lied to me and did things a woman doesn't do when in a committed relationship with a man and we have a baby together. I'm always thinking about her and what happened even though she is in the wrong and I just want to get better and not think about it anymore. Any advice on how to get over a woman who crushed my heart and doesn't seem to give a shit about me or what she did?


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  • Well one what she did was wrong and losing about whatever she did she shouldn't have done. Also she doesn't seem to care about you and if you have a baby togther just be there for the baby. You don't have to be in a realtionship to see the baby. Cause ATM the baby's what's matters. Its gonna take awhile to get over that but you will. What I suggest is to try to work out whatever it is if that doesn't work end it and so what's beat cause all she's gonna do is keep hurting you and using you. Plus there's a lot of women out there that won't threat you like that. Just try to move on and leave her in the past. Take care of the baby and only invoment is with her threw the baby.

    • Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it and the funny thing is we got married and 2 weeks after she took vows with me she left my house and then two weeks after that she slept with another guy and it crushed me. I didn't think she could do that and the fact that we were married and I took my vows seriously and I guess she didn't. It just sucks because I still have to see her when I go pick my daughter up.

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  • You deserve better, go find a woman that will appreciate you.

    • Thanks for your comment. I hope there is a woman out there that will treat me right. After what she did to me makes me wonder and now I don't know if I'll find a woman that respects me but also treats me like I should be treated. I'll have to find a woman who likes kids since I have a daughter now.

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  • Firstly, don't bother looking for a reason. Women don't need a reason, and they'll do this shit often enough.
    Stay in good health. Eat well, even take a few vitamins, and keep fit and active.

    The next thing that works well for me is get banged as soon as possible.
    She's garbage, and any woman you meet is likely to be better.

    • Thanks for your advice. I'll try doing that. Funny thing is a friend of mine said the same thing to me about just hooking up with some random girl but I don't know if that will work for me.

  • Did she cheat on you. Is that what your saying? You focus on your child. That's how. Love your child more than you love her.

    • Yeah she did and it was only one month after she left my house. I didn't think she could do that to me but she did.

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