Can a girl tell me what she's doing?

My ex dumped me 1.5 years ago for her current bf. Is it weird that she has blocked me on Facebook 8+ times since the break up? Every few months, she randomly blocks me to just unblock me a few months later. She recently called me for the first time in 10 months after she unblocked me. Well I messaged her a week after the call and she blocked me. A month after that, she unblocked me to just reblock me a month after that. She is still dating the guy.


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  • I have no idea, it seems petty what she's doing just ask her. Also how old is she?

    • She is 22

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    • I don't get it either lol if she's so happy, she shouldn't be worried about making me jealous

    • Lol well apparently something's up if she continues to do that.

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  • maybe she is having doubts and is calling you, or she could be doing it to make her bf jelous, or she is just weird

  • i dont know maybe she is still into you or something

    • It's weird that someone 1.5 years after the break up keeps blocking and unblocking someone

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