We broke up when we were still in love and we're both angry because we keep hurting each other. What to do?

Ok so me and this girl I think we were really in love with each other and it's kind of a complicated story involving cheating and breaking up and getting back together but that doesn't matter. She's back with her ex now.
The thing was I was really hurt when she left me and she was really mean to me. So in return I was really mean to her also and I think I really hurt her too.
The thing is we haven't seen each other in months and a couple of days we ran into each other and just stared at one another. I drove off and kept thinking how stupid this was that after being together and sleeping with each other for months we couldn't even say hello. So I turned around and wanted to talk to her and tell her I think this is stupid and that we should just talk things out. But she brushed me of and started screaming at me to get out of her sight and she walked off. Well I tried one more time asked her just to talk and work things out so we could talk to each other like people but she just kept walking. I heard the next day she was writing stuff about me on facbeook. I think she's angry at me because I told a couple of my friends what happened and that she really hurt me but I only said happened never said she was a bad person but that I was hurt and angry at her.
I really think it's messed up that we can't even talk about everything and work something out.

What I don't know is how to do this. I've tried talking with her multiple times. I talked to her best friend who told me that she does still care about me but doesn't want to see me. Do I just leave it alone and hope that sometime in the future we can get together and talk about everything.
I don't know I still love her even everything I still would be with her. I don't know how she feels maybe she wouldn't but in either case I think we have to talk once.

Any recommendations or ideas what to do?
I'll try writing her a letter telling her everything that's the only thing I can think of.



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  • Yea, just write the letter and see if she responds. If she doesn't, just leave it alone.

    • That's what I was going to do anyway and I'm going to write everything I feel in it. The good and the bad just so that I get everything out and let her know. I'm going to add a couple of photos I made for here of us that I wanted to give her before everything happened. I don't even care what she does and she might not even read the letter.
      I just hope we can come back together once.
      Thanks for the help.

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    • Now I won't be wondering because I'm writing it.
      I just don't understand people sometimes. One day they say they love you the next they stab you in the back but I guess she's thinking the same thing. And it's too bad too because I don't think something like we had comes along every day but it's really rare. If it is I hope things get better once and if it isn't I hope I find something better soon so I can put it behind me.

    • Sorry :( I know it's difficult

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