My ex girlfriend broke up with me. We work at the same job and I see her 5 days a week. I'm in love with her. How do I get over her and move on?

She said she didn't get anywhere with me and she said she wasted her time with me. I'm so in love with her that I want her back. She was my mrs. right. I think I didn't meet her expectations. I think we are never getting back together. How do I get over her and move on? We are both black. I say black because it seems like different races handle things differently. Please do not dwell on the black and race thing I just said. How do I get over her and move on?


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  • You're obviously a smart dude. You're smart enough to realize that race matters to some degree, in the sense that we were brought up different... I guess you could say it's more has to do more with culture than race but that's all semantics; don't let people mind-game you like that. You're on the right track.

    I'm Hispanic. Personally dude, I think she may be right for you too but she doesn't know it. I think women are kind of retarded sometimes, not all of them of course. But a lot of them have fantasies that are super idealistic/unrealistic about what to expect from a man. Unfortunately she's one of those delusional ones.

    First of all what's the lesson? Don't date at work. Period. Secondly, how do you get over it? You just have to suck it up man. Move forward. It's tough, I know, but unless you're willing to find a different job there's nothing you can really do about it; she will always be there and may even start dating other coworkers with you standing right there. So you need to steel yourself up. Show some Resolve and Perseverance but there's nothing wrong with Avoidance as well. If you need to leave the job then go ahead, that's not cowardly at all. Obviously you had a real attachment to her and were severely hurt by her words.

    That's about all I have to say about that.

    • "I think women are kind of retarded sometimes, not all of them of course." As offensive as this is, it is pretty true. Women do a lot of dumb as shit things. But without more context as to why you broke up, it's hard to say that you were right for each other. I agree that leaving the job is probably the only way to get over her, or of course immediately sleeping with someone way hotter.

    • Good insight and great advice.

    • Good insight. Great advice.

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  • Get her fired

    • Can't do that. She is better at our job then I am.

    • Ok, just do what other people said and fuck somebody else then.
      If you want to be really fucked up, every girl has that really slutty friend, they usually don't mind sex with a friends ex.

    • Okay

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  • 1. Stop being such a pussy.
    2. Stop being such a pussy.
    3. Go out and bang other girls and make sure she knows.
    4. She will get jealous, want you back, bang her, and then tell her to f off.

  • How long were you dating and did she say why you didn't meet her expectations. What expectations did she have

    • 1 year and 4 months. She wanted a lot. Too much to mention. Basically she wanted more than I had and tried to get.

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