Did my ex find a rebound or is he over me?

So from the looks of it, my ex boyfriend who I broke up with 4 days ago found someone new already. He tweets about how much he wants her, how she's so cute, she's fun sized etc and i see she's retweeting his tweets because she knows he's talking about her. My friend went on her page and she's basically doing the same. Im sure before we broke up he was talking to her. Anyways,

I feel likes he's over me already. like woah that was fast. Did he even care? Do you think she's a rebound or is he just being a single dude now and over me?
I heard guys usually go for girls that look like their ex as their rebound and i must say, she dosent exactly look like me but based on her pictures i see some similarity. same skin tone, hair length and height. what y'all think?


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  • It was over long before the breakup.


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