Please tell me if my ex is being a jealous brat or if he is just not interested?

My recent ex of 3 months started contacting me again. I was wary but curious. We met up with a group of people at a bar/lounge and he was sweet but as the night went on, a lot of guys were flirting with me and asking for my number. Although I am officially single, I did not reciprocate at all. One guy asked my ex about me and he bit his head off, saying"I have no idea, I don't know her". The next day he sent me a text cxling our plans for next week! I asked him not to play games and to be honest and he said he'd connect with me soon. I had friends at the bar who said that I was clearly not interested in the other guys who were flirting. What is he doing? My guy friend said he's being spiteful and wants the upper hand... Thoughts?


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