My boyfriend blocked me, but I asked him to, now I feel miserable?

My boyfriend and I of 6 years have been fighting, but recently been on the mend. We made plans to hang out this weekend, and when I confirmed with a flirty "I'm horny" text, he said not to come because he's afraid" I'll flip out for giving his opinion". Huh? So out of anger I just said if I'm so terrible just block me, and he did! I couldn't believe he did that and so when I got to work the next morning, I called him from the business phone because I was in denial that he did that. When he answered he was FURIOUS! He said things like" I forced him to block me and not my crazy ass is calling again" or" I'm crazy". He was screaming at me, then he hung up. As if that wasn't enough, he unblocked me and sent a text saying "thanks for ruining my day now leave me the f#%k alone#. Then he blocked me again! Wow. I think he's seeing someone else, or he just decided he really hates me. Either way, I didn't want to find out so now I blocked him in return! Am I overreacting? Should I unblock him in hopes he will come around? Or, did I get what I deserved by telling him to block me and just move on? Ugh, help. Oh and we live in different towns now so it's not like we will ever run into each other and neither of us have Facebook, so we can't reach out to each other any other way than our cell phones.


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  • You told him to block you, so he did, and now you're confused... Think about this. I say you just unblock him and let things settle down for a few days, then apologize.

    • Ha, true, but from the sounds of him, he's not going to unblock me so I guess it doesn't matter anyway!

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    • Both, I'm definitely taking it as both. He sounded really hateful, and we had plans for me to go there and then he just told me no when I tried to confirm. That's what ignited my anger and told him to block me and he didn't waste any time doing that! I'm most DEFINITELY not going to just show up to his house like a crazy person haha so I blocked him in return to maintain some sort of control in the situation. Its been 4 days

    • I really hope this gets better for you.

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