My girlfriend dumped me and acting TOTALLY different, and I need to know why?

After my girlfriend's mom threatened her to end the relationship or homeschool her till her senior year. After that we went to the basketball courts because that's where her mom was told we would be. She's very strict.
Anyways the day before she told me she loved me, kissed me, and sat on my lap and stroked my back.
And at the courts after we broke up she wouldn't even stand 5 feet near me! She said she became claustrophobic and people phobic. She wasn't like this the day before and I really want explanations. Even after we broke up, this isn't the behavior I expected from her. Any ideas anyone?


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  • It probably has to do with her mom. But honestly it sounds best to just ask her


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  • Possibly something with her mother. She might also have gotten scared, since such a deep relationship for the first time can be rather daunting.

    Give her her space for awhile, and later on, try and talk to her. In-person, if you're able, like over lunch. If you can't, then the phone, if that's an option. Just go in with an open and forgiving mind, and don't cast hostile blame on her, her mother, or anything.

    And if you can help it, DON'T DWELL ON IT. You'll drive yourself MAD asking questions. Find other things to occupy your headspace in the meanwhile, because you'll only make yourself sick by asking "what if" questions.

    • "Don't cast hostile blame on her" Honestly we have never argued over ANYTHING before.

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  • Obviously her mum


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