Guys, has anyone ever regretted leaving for the other woman?

I wanna know if there's any men out there that have been with a woman and left her to be with someone else and regretted it later? My ex of three years just left me pregnant four months ago for a teenager, they're still together.. Living together.. And I haven't heard from him and I'm getting scared :-(


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  • Ohh,... sorry to hear that. I was going to say 'yes, because there was one issue which became insurmountable so I left the relationship' but it was not pregnancy, lol.'

    Don't be scared but make sure you get as much help as possible from around you (family) or social services, whose job it is to help in these situations. Try and be brave!


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  • Woman! Get yourself together. He is an idiot. A fucking douchback and does not deserve you or the baby. I know you must be scared and worried but you do not want him back. He is unreliable and tgat would make him a bad father.

    I am a daughter of a single mother and even though we have had hard time, we are very happy and close. Talk to your family and ask for support

    Also how old is tge girl she left you for?

    • She's just turned 18, I'm 24 and he is 26!

    • Well the girl isn't exactly a teen but yeah, a bit younger than you.
      Well anyways this guy is an idiot and you should talk to him and find out what is going in his head. BUT do not take vim back. You abd the baby are better of without him

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  • Wow! Sorry, but that's a classical idiot, with big chances of never changing for anyone but himself. You cannot leave a woman pregnant. You just can't.

    My advice... find yourself a better man, it's not impossible. You can love more times in one life ;)

  • no, never, i know what i want, i never left a gf for someone else, i left here becuase she did something really bad , or changed attitued


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  • Hit him hard with child support. He doesn't pay up, he gets locked up. Simple as that. And that teenager will be left with no man. Don't worry he'll do the same thing to her sooner or later. Focus on you and the baby.


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