How do I leave a guy when I feel like he needs me?

My bf is the typical "alpha male", but no one knows him like I do. He has told me some of this deepest secrets, fears, hopes and dreams. He's actually a very sensitive and emotionally fragile person, but he never shows it to the outside world. Our relationship isn't meeting my needs anymore, and I'd like to move on. But I feel like he loves me - he's talking about marriage. If I leave him now, I feel like I'm going to destroy his career (he just started a graduate job at a very prestigious firm). I feel like he's going to break down or fall into a deep depression without me, I feel like he might even try to kill himself. I'd feel so bad if that happened, but I can't stay with him because I don't love him in that way anymore


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  • It will be very hard and I will not tell you everything will go well. But to drag things out can never make things better for either of you. So which would you prefer hurting his feelings now or when he catches you messing around or seeing someone else? Are you williing to sacrifice your life just to keep him from finding out you dont want to be with him? How will he feel if he does find out you are only with him because you didn't want him to feel bad but you dont love him at all? End it sooner not later because the longer you take the worse it will be.


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  • Can you please elaborate on our relationship isn't meeting my needs anymore?

    If not, I can't give any truthful advice.

  • You are not responsible for another person's emotions.


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