On the verge of break or broke up... don't know where we stand?

Before I start its a bit of a long story and to let yous know we are both 22 and been together 1.5 years and was one of my better relationships and would do anything from and sex was great.
Sunday night we were out and it was good but we got to pub and there was this guy their and she said her was an a**hole. She persistently told me this before. Later on he came and started talking to us and they to had a good laugh and he asked her to buy him a drink and she did. Despite she has no job and has very little money she can't afford to do things with me. Anyway me n her went to the dance floor n I leave to get a drink and literally straight away this guy comes in like a hawk n starts dancing with her! I was raging! I was left standing there on the dance floor myself looking like a idiot. They weren't grinding or anything. I just walked out and she chased me we argued.
Next day we argued and I told her she never shown me respect and passed my boundaries. She told me I had OCD regarding respect and boundaries. Monday I tried to meet and talk and she said she was still angry.
On Tuesday she just text me saying we need to talk about this relationship, it isn't the same as it was blah blah. I asked ' how is not working' and she replied you know it isn't. We have hardly ever argued but recently we have had a few fallouts on nights out and through drink. We've be made up before after these nights out but says she hates going on them with me because drink changes me.
Personally I want this to still to work out but obviously have to work a lot on my self and respect my self not to let this happen again. Yesterday she messaged me going mentally because I asked a mutual friend about what she was upto and stuff. She sent me a message asking why I went behind her back and seemed information about her. I ignored that text and haven't heard anything back. I've been told to go into no contact for the time being to. I know there's not another guy involved either, what do?


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  • I would take into consideration how she feels about you when you drink. Maybe try to lay off of that, especially when you're with her since it obviously bothers her. Secondly, I understand that you care for her and you want to know what she's up to, how she's doing, etc. That's only natural. But right now, to keep both of you sane, I would lay low. Let her come to you about these things. I agree that you need to talk with her eventually so you can see how things are going to play out. It seems as if it's a very difficult situation. Another piece of advice when you do talk, let her say her piece before you chime in. Listen carefully to how she feels and see what can be worked on. Good luck to you!


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  • Cut out the booze if you want this to work. You must change personalities when drinking, it happens. She doesn't like that. You are all but booted from her life. Sober up if you want a chance.


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