My crush didn't text me for 1 moth.. im waiting for her to do the move but she seems like she dont give a shit.. help. plz?

Me and my crush know each other for almost 5 years.. I yhink that we got so close at some point, and I reaally think that she like me back, she seem so confused when I meet her, she laughs at ma jokes, I catch her starring sometimes, she try to tell jokes and play games, but we haven't met for a really long time maybe a 2 months and we didn't talked that much maybe cuz our families were around so we both felt embarrassed bla bla bla.. sooo? How should I react am ki da lost here..


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  • Man if you want something you got to go after it. Text that ho!!!


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  • wow dude 1 month. why did you wait for so long? she's not going to make a move especially after 1 month. start pursuing her if you like her.


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  • If you want her - go for her, hon, don't wait!!!


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