Should I move on or should I keep trying? Please help me?

Me and my boyfriend were together for two months, and had been good friends prior to that for a while. Throughout the relationship, he was very attached and loving. I had broken it off with him due to some personal issues I was going through and had never really explained it to him. He took it really hard at first, but after the first few days, he realized we werent getting back together and moved on. After that, he became very hostile and started telling me that he wasn't faithful during our relationship and that I was "just a toy" to him and various things like that. I saw on his Facebook page that he was posting things about other girls and such, and he's been asking me just to not talk to him anymore, although very occasionally he'll randomly stop by my house to see me. Should I move on or keep trying? Its starting to tear me apart. I can't do this anymore. Im starting to feel like I can't breathe anymore..
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  • Move on if you're ready to give up; keeping trying if you're not afraid too.


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  • Gosh... he said those horrible things and you still have feelings for him? If I were you I would set this sude's car on fire!! ( No kidding)

  • Are you insane? Why do you think you deserve to be treated like this? o. O
    He does not love you. He never will.

    WTF lady?

  • if u really really want him back then i think u shud explain to the reasons why u dumped him n clear out the unexplained stuff n tell him u want to give ur relationship another chance... n he acting hostile is natural he's try to push u away he believes doing so will keep his mind off u..

    • I think he found someone else, I think its too late.

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    • Thank you xoxo

    • i am glad i could help a little. t. c xoxo

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