I was really needy and wore my heart on my sleeve and my fella dumped me I haven't contacted in any shape or form since we broke up to prove?

I want to prove a point thst I'm not needy or clingy am I doing this right
I'm trying to prove this point to myself sorry should of put thst in not trying to prove anything to him


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  • Maybe u should move on

  • No your failing miserably. Mostly because you're still being needy. Why do you need to prove a point to this guy? So he'll change his mind and take you back? That's needy... you want to look like you're not needy and clingy then don't be. Accept that sometimes people make false assumptions of who you are. You don't have to accept them as truth. You know you don't need him so don't act like it. Go on with your day and be happy and if he comes back then be nice and accepting. Trying to prove your not needy and clingy is just gonna backfire in the long run. Better to work on being authentic and comfortable with who you are flaws and all.


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