Do you think my ex was trying to find me last night?

So, yesterday was my birthday and I received a Happy birthday text from my ex. I ignored it. Later in the day I was coming out of my bank ATM area and found my ex driving right toward me. He put his window down and wished me happy birthday. Well... he does not live in my town. I'm just wondering if he came to the area looking for me since he would assume I'd be out for it? Idk... it's just weird that he was at the same place I was at the same time. I guess it could have just been a coincidence. I guess the bottom line is, if he wanted to be with me on my birthday... we wouldn't be broken up... just curious what your thoughts are. I'm having a hard time letting go of "what used to be". :(


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  • most likely. it could of also be the work of karma

    • Most likely he was trying to find me? Karma? Please explain.

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    • Oh... I like that. It was SO WEIRD... I had just gotten $$ out of the ATM and then he drove by... it was crazy!!! Like I was MEANT to see him. Idk... god, I miss him so much. :( Thanks for your response.

    • thanks for the MHO!

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  • He probably was just being nice. Unless he lives in a completely different town, like.. an hour long drive away or something.

    • What was he being nice about? He lives 15 min away... I just found it weird he was in my town on my birthday... :( Was hoping he'd try to find me.

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