What am I suppose to do in this situation girls or guys help please?

I love my girlfriend I was going to ask her to marry me in a few months we've been together for two years. I fell in love with this girl and she broke up with me and I'm not sure what to do I have tried flirting with other girls but they do things that remind me of her and it ruins the moment I m in a state I've never been in because I've never loved anyone else. What do I do about this? How do I get over her? Thank you for the help


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  • I was in the same situation. I was absolutely in love with my boyfriend, he was my everything. But then suddenly like a storm fights began to erupt, we got distant and it felt like i was crying rain every single day. I would break things and i would hurt my friends around me because i didn't want to let him go but like holding a cactus the tighter i squeezed the more it hurt and the more i bled. Finally we were sitting next to each other and he was trying to get the words our of his mouth but he appeared as if he were choking so he took out his phone and texted it to me in front of me saying I'm sorry but i can't do this anymore. I'm breaking up with you. I was devastated. I partially moved on and i thought i was better and now im with this new guy who is so sweet and so compassionate. But i am constantly reminded of him. So i texted him to see how he was and turned out he wasn't over me either. But history does repeat himself and as we made small talk he told me about this girl (who i am most definitely believe he was cheating on me with) and how he was in the middle of trying hook up with her and he went to kiss her and before his lips touched hers he thought of me and burst out in tears in front of her. I was angered by that and i asked him why he would tell me that and as we went back and forth we fought more and more and now we dont reall talk anymore...

    All i can say is if you dont know why you she broke up with you ask her, this will bring you closure. If you truly believe there will never be another girl like her, give her some space and then contact her. And finally, if you know why and you contact her after giving her space and she shoots you down and rejects you, you are just gonna have to give ourself some time to move on. I know people say there are other fish in the sea but its hard to find someone else when she was your ocean. When she was your life. But to make her happy, and yourself happy you need to breathe and give yourself time.

    • Giving yourself time doesn't mean forgetting, it just means letting yourself heal...

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  • Time. You just gotta keep pushing and wait it out man. I know this feels like the end of the world but it's not. You can make it through this. Not much to tell you other than focus on the positives big and small as much as you possibly can. Make it a habit. Every night just think of three things about that day that made you happy. Can be anything from some good food you ate to hanging out with a friend. Just three. Eventually you'll start to realize everything's still okay.


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  • Did she give you a reason why she broke up with you?


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