Did a make a mistake telling my ex I missed talking to her?


Above is my original question. Today I had to meet my ex because I needed her to finish a web design project she is doing for me (it started when we were dating... I'm paying her to finish it). She has been very indifferent since we broke up... but when we met in person she was cold... ice cold. I have never ever seen her act this way when we were dating... even when she was angry at me.

So she's moved on. However at the end of the conversation I said "i do miss talking to you"... which is the truth. She smiled a little bit... but said "I've talked to exes in the past... its usually not a good idea".

So I'm guessing I just need to man up and move on?


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  • Its rough, but I guess she's telling you what she expects - no more friendship.

    If you try to force it, even with good intentions, if she's had bad experiences with exes in the past then mentally she will put you into the box of "yet another creep ex".

    Try to finish up your business with her as quickly and professionally as possible, and don't worry about the friendship. There will be others :)

    • yeah funny how she asked me for advice on how to deal with her ex when she was dating me (apparently he messaging her... trying to get with her again)... and now I wonder if she is asking some other guy for the same advise about me. How the hell did the tables get flipped on me so fast

    • Don't worry about it - she may genuinely have had a bad experience, and now presumes "all guys are like that". Just finish up your business, and don't worry about what she might be saying to other guys. You can be a good role model - don't bitch about her, focus on your relationships with your friends and family, keep exercising and taking care of yourself.

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  • I said the same thing to my ex. He didn't respond.

    Consider yourself lucky she responded. I told him once as well that I missed him. I got an "okay" out of it. What the fuck does "okay" mean?

    Smile could mean she misses you but is not willing to take the risk of suffering for you. You can try to convince her it will be different if you want.

  • Maybe it is time to move on, but not rush into a moving on train. From what I read you only took it slow, and that's a really good thing! Not many men do that! But you did, if you move on, maybe she'll miss you, but you have every right to be happy, and look for someone who deserves your attention and someone who will give you their attention. I know it's really, and I mean REALLY hard to move on, but do it. Take it by baby steps, show her that you're not sad and miserable! Which you're not. You should at least try, Good luck! (:

    • For the most part I managed to put on my happy face until I said to her "I miss talking to you"... and screwed up and almost broke down. However I gritted my teeth and was able to recover. No emotional response from her unfortunately.

    • Aw, thats great that you recovered! You deserve to be happy, and if your happiness isn't with her then find someone who will show you to be happy, one thing for sure is don't base your happiness on a person, did that once, never going there again. Maybe she's just cold with you because she still has feelings, I've seen girls act coldly to guys they like, and that's the thing, if you like someone you shouldn't do that because it mixes someone's feelings.

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