If I skipped her birthday, would it mean that I was breaking things with her?

I have lukewarm feelings with this girl. Last year, we only started going out, and I celebrated her birthday with a lunch treat and some gifts. But come this year it didn't feel like the relationship was gonna work out. But yet I dun wanna just kill the relationship yet. I mean, who knows what might happen. So I just wanna take a couple of steps back and wait to see. I'm not going to celebrate her birthday with her this year. Do you think she'd take it badly?
I should also mention that we are friends, so I don't want it to end too badly either.


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  • That's a huge deal especially if you're "dating" and you miss her birthday. That's like your mom missing your birthday. I would be upset and would probably look at the relationship a bit different and probably end up breaking it off. Women like attention and things to be all about them in a relationship - and that goes for birthdays, holidays, etc.

    • Okay, I don't really want that to happen. I ended up asking her out on her birthday again lol.

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  • I don't think a missed birthday is a big deal.


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