Do I give my ex boyfriend time & space, or do I move on?

My boyfriend of a little over 2 years broke up with me a month ago. He said he had love for me but it had lost something & that he wanted to be friends with me & then try again. He came over the day after he'd broken up with me & was touching me, kissing on me, & even kissed me. He told me that he wanted me to marry him one day & I just need to trust him. I'm just really confused. He's also said that he'd gotten bored. I'm 29 & he's 26. We stopped talking every day a couple of weeks ago but have had a couple of good conversations on the phone, one where he told me that he misses me but he doesn't know what he wants. What do I do? Do I give him his time & space or do I try to heal & move on?
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  • It's time for you to put yourself first here. You aren't a yo-yo, and he can't have you dangling on a string with things all on HIS terms! A relationship is about BOTH people being happy, not just him. Please stop and think with your head, not your heart. You must cut him off, tell him you aren't going to sit and wait anymore. He needs to respect your need for clarity, love, and commitment. If he can't put your first NOW, then you have to stop talking - no friends, nothing, NO CONTACT.

    Should he see that's he lost you and still doesn't wake up, then you know, without more time and emotions invested and wasted, that he does not love you. But, if he gets upset/hurt that you're moving on and cutting off contact and wants you back 100%, you have your answer.


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  • Nothing good can come out of someone that doesn't know what they want. You need to move on with your life, but if he comes back to you and wants to make things work then go ahead and give it a shot. :) My point is to not sit around waiting for him.

  • I think you should move on. He and this situations sound complicated and it is wrong for him to keep you hanging there

  • I was almost hesitant to answer the poll portion of this, mainly because there's so much more to it than just "move on" or "keep trying." It was a long relationship and it has a marriage dangling in the future. You have to weigh out the pros and cons to this relationship. Is it worth it for YOU to stay in it? Tell him to get his shit together. You're a grown woman, you dont have time to waste on a man to figure out whether or not he wants to spend his life with you or not. Find a man who doesn't have to ask himself that question-he should just know. Best of luck to you. xoxo


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