Ex Gf went crazy because she saw a photo of me and.. my DOG!!!?

We had an 8 year relationship, she had to move to another country and we were going to get married so I could get the documents to live there too, but I acted needy and jealous out of no reason and didn't show any commitment to our plans (like saving money or studying something). After a month of fight she broke up with me and I've been in NC for 3 weeks now.

So, I posted a photo of myself with my dog. Im the guy who never (no joke) never smiles. But this time, I was smiling at the photo with my dog.

Almost inmediatly she posted "Im so surprised that people can change" and "Karma hit me back". I thought she might be overreacting until a friend of us sent me a voice message from her.

In this message she told to my friend, in a voice tone that seemed confused, complaining almost "offended". She literally said ; "OMG, whos THAT guy? he's not my EX BF!! what happened? Where my EXGF is? TELL ME? WHY IS THIS HAPPENNING? Thats not him... THATS NOT HIM!! "

I dont know if I should take this as interest, but to be honest, even If i love her and I wanna get back with her, this seemed pretty stupid to me. I mean, IT WAS JUST A PHOTO WITH MY DOG...

I kinda think that this hit her in her EGO, and that might be the reason... because I was really deppressed the first 2 weeks but now I just dont talk to her and barely log on FB.

Any insights would be appreciated.
I just want to clarify, I want her back. Is this situation good for that purpose?


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  • What blueeyes81 said is spot on.
    I recently went through the same thing. To see my ex so happy do soon, while I was still pining for him, really hurt.

    • *so soon

    • On top of that, she was trying to find out about me when I dissappeared from FB for like 2 weeks, asked about me to a mutual friend specially on weekends "do you know where aand whos with him?".

      I want to take her back, its this whole situation good for that?

    • Well, I think it is clear that you are both not over each other, but in order for your relationship to work, she needs to get over her jealousy issue.
      You should talk to her about where your mind is at and what your concerns are. Just be honest. There shouldn't have been an issue just because you smiled in a pic with your dog.
      You guys had 8 years together, surely something was there and clearly still is.

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  • Sounds like she's upset that as a man who never smiles, you are smiling so soon after the breakup. Yes she took it as a blow to her ego. She assumes you are happier now without her. And that probably stung a lot.


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  • She's probably mad that you never smiled like that around her? I don't know people can be cray in breakups. But that's my guess to why that set her off.

    • also like what others said, she doesn't like seeing you happy after the breakup. But I agree seriously, over a dog?

  • she wants to see you sad and loves to imagine you listening to breakup songs, drowning in you own tears and cursing your bad luck that you lost a gem of a person. when she saw you smiling she lost it.

    • if you want her back post a few more pictures of yourself in which you are looking confident, good and happy with your life. Maybe you can hang out with your friends and get some pics clicked in which you all are having fun. that will tick her off and if she has even a bit of interest she will try to contact you.

  • She doesn't like seeing you happy I would suggest to leave her alone. Even though it may hurt her she shouldn't be soooo jealous. She seems like the jealous type

  • She is hurt that you are happy - or seem to be happy. Trust me, I went a little crazy when my ex posted the first picture of him happy with his friends - he would never take pictures with me and when he did he was never happy about it. It just hurts her that you never smiled in your relationship and now all the sudden you are smiling and looking happy.


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