Whats a nice way to break up with a guy?

So iv been dating my best guy friend who iv known since he was born... We've been dating for 2months and i haven't even gotten a kiss.. The only time iv seen him was in school after 6th period when he asked me if i cud borrow a pen and then he ran... So i guess im just done and im gonna move on but i dont wanna have thinks be awkward when were around eachother after the break up and i dont wanna have him take it to hard so how can i let him down easy?


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  • Have you talked with him about this before. Maybe he's just clueless about the fact that he's hasn't been intimate enough with you.

    But if you're intent on breaking up then just tell him you have to talk, sit him down and get it over with. There's no easy way to break a guy's heart so just be honest I'd say.


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  • It's simple Math: Tell him you feel you're still very young yet, and that you think it might be best to stay 'Best friends' until you're ready for any------Date mate.
    I think when 'Just done,' you're going to find that he may Stick around More and things may be even Better Now that things aren't Etched in stone.
    I can read between the lines and I believe that the reason for 'No kiss,' is because he hasn't Really himself wanted to be in this 'Life long' Relationship. You may find This is going to be Easier than you think.
    Who knows... Maybe not a Peck, but a Grin And-----No run.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He is probably a nice guy and hence the break up. It's normal. Go breakup.


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