Why do I still miss my ex after all this time?

my ex broke up with me around 2 months ago. he said he couldnt juggle me, uni, work, friends at the same time (which was true no matter how dumb the reason is). he told me to never accept less than my worth and said i alwys sell myself short of my intelligence... when we broke up we were still so touchy and kissy towards each other...

i feel like he did care for me and our connection was real.

but why am i still missing him after 2 months of break up? i always find myself thinking about him... will i ever get over him? (we went out for 6 months)


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  • It's because of the way he broke up and the reason he gave. It's not like he lost interest in you or something, he just doesn't have the time and probably thinks you deserve someone that can give you the time and affection you deserve. Sounds like a cool dude. Or maybe he's just really smooth and good with words.

    • i asked him if he lost interest and he was like no, its just i can't give you the attentin that you deserve or something like that... he also started crying (but like tried to hide it) so i don't know hm

      after our break up like a month later, we met up for lunch and stuff. he even picked me up and we went to somewhere new for lunch (like we always used to) and he evenhugged me goodbye so i don't know

      i mean im over him but im not at the same time. i do miss his company if you get what i mean?

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  • I heard for every one month, it takes three to get over them. Stay strong, positive, and know there's millions of people that you could possibly be compatible with. I felt the same way with my ex and as soon as I let my heart feel again, I met someone amazing.


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  • You won't get over him if you continue to obsess yourself with him. Do other things.


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