Forcing yourself to get over a girl because you know you have no future?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me. He said he loves me so much and if his religion was different, things would be different, but he is Muslim and his mother won't accept me because I am not a typical Muslim girl. He said they will not budge and he doesn't want to waste anymore of my time. But he wants to be friends.

He keeps pushing me to move on. He makes it really clear that he doesn't want to date anyone but he keeps pushing me to date other guys? What is he thinking?


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  • I don't think he's over you at all. He feels responsible for wasting your time. But honestly, a guy that breaks it off because his parents and religion don't approve is probably not worth having.


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  • He feel responsibility about you and maybe you need to be typical Muslim if that's good for you. Usually religion make you better person and I'm sure you are.
    Let me ask you was it complete relationship our you were just dating?

    • We dated for about 6 months and it was a very good relationship, we were extremely compatible. We were also very close friends for a long time before we dated! He was the one that chased me and I am sure that he loved me very very much, he made it very clear. He feels responsible? Do you think he is really over me?

    • He's not over you he do that cuz he don't want do sins. Did you had sex? Muslims don't suppose to have sex before marriage and if they do the regret it later. I don't know why his mom has issues

  • the reason whay i hate religion, i am muslim , i dont care if my partnesr is catholic, budist , hindu it is her choice what it matters it her character, looks , behaviour and thoughts,
    religion is crap

  • No offence to Muslims because religion at the end of the day was meant to be a peaceful practice, but my mum told me that I shouldn't go out with Muslims or any people who really take religion to the extreme, because those people would take their religion over their loved ones and that is the saddest thing. Girl move on don't waiste your time like the guy said.

    • I will, thank you. Your mum is right I think :/

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