Is he really over me? Ex sending mixed messages?

I'm confused and can't understand my ex's behaviour. Let me know what you think.

My ex has been giving mixed signals even though he has a current partner so I confronted him today.

He denied giving any signals. I asked him if he still loves me. He went quiet. It took a minute to answer me and said no. Then I asked if he would consider giving me a second chance if I wanted him back. Again he went silent and said he would have had I asked 2 months ago before he got engaged.


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  • It sounds like he's rather indecisive. He might have been mistakenly giving off signals towards you, because he likes you, thinks you're pretty cool, and has had a relationship with you in the past.

    However, I'd forget about him. He's in a dedicated relationship now and I wouldn't press it further, for risk of tempting him to cheat on his fiancée. Whether he said those things or not to you to make you happy, the thing is that he's engaged to this lady for a reason. There's obviously a connection there.

    There are other guys out there, and remember, you don't need someone else to be "complete." You're already an awesome person by yourself :)

    • Thank u. I have no intention to get back with an abusive bastard like him. Just trying to figure out if he is playing more games.

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