What does my ex boyfriend mean by this text?

My ex boyfriend wrote this text to me today after 2 weeks of no contact...

Hi (my name) hope your doing well. I'm sorry for how things worked out for us. I did what felt right but will always wonder also. I have realised that I may not have been ready myself... With my vices I'm not happy with. Once again I hope your well. I hope it wouldn't be weird if we were to bump into each other.

Wondering what this would be interpreted as. I have not responded because I don't know what to say.

In the middle of doing no contact as well. A bit confused and don't wanna annoy, seem needy, act desperate or say the wrong thing either.

Opinions please. Thanks in advance.


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  • Just seems to me he is looking for some friendly closure. I would just text him back and say no hard feelings but I guess it just wasn't for us. Or something like that. That way he won't think you are wanting to try again but it will tell him you can move on with no hard feelings.

    • Already still a bit cut up over this. I just don't understand why he would need to remind me it is over when he already dumped me before.

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  • It sounds like a very thoughtful apology.

    I'd thank him, say you have always respected him greatly. Say that you're not quite sure how you feel about anything, but you appreciate the courtesy of his note.


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  • Do you want him back, do you want him as a friend, or do you want him to leave you alone?

    • Yes. A part of me wants him back.

      His work place is my families local. I was there yesterday for my Aunts 50th Wedding Anniversary.

      It was a special occasion so had to go.

      Made sure I looked good. Acted happy, confident and like I did not have a care in the world.

      I did not see him there he either saw me or heard I was there. I had never met his work mates but I guess they do know of me.

      Was very friendly and chatty to them while ordering drinks as well. Did not wanna come off negative and bitter. I am not lim that. His work place is a RSL club.

      Surprised he even sent me a text.

      But it did kind of feel like he was reminding of the break up for no reason.

      I never mentioned anything to his workmates just went about my business there?0


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    • No we did not end on bad terms but it makes me sad we did not last cause it really would have been a great relationship if he was ready for it.

      My anger is almost completely gone now because he did hurt me deeply. We were not long enough for me to get heartbroken at least. Never hated on him after. It was easier to end on good terms because of that.

      Yes. Knowing that the break up had nothing to do with me or what I had done has been a relief and knowing that will make me easier to move on as well.

      He should have never been looking for someone online to begin with, if he was not ready. It would have saved a whole lot of hurt for the both of us.

      Live and learn I guess.

    • yes live and learn, but its more than that. It's live, learn, move forward, try again, be strong, and most importantly have faith in yourself because with out your own faith in your self then all of the other things don't matter. you'll be okay i know it and so do you.

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