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Me and my bf broke up over a week ago. We were together for almost 4 years. We still have feelings for each other and he told me that there is a chance that we can get back together. We talk everyday still and we see each other but not every day and only for like an hour when we do. The other day he told me he would be lying if he told me he did not still have feelings for and and that he would be lying if he told me that he didn't still love. So I asked him if he was doing better with out us being together and he told me no because if the feelings that he still has and because I likes and misses the way that I kiss him. He said it's not easy for him but he has a hard time showing it. He was never one to really show his feelings. Also he begged me not to take all if my stuff when I moved out. So I guess what I'm trying to ask is what are the chances that we will get back together?
We did not break up on bad terms. He said he just needed a break. But I don't understand why he did not want me to take all of my stuff and I'm on his phone plan and he dose not want the phone back I really don't get it.


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  • That depends why you guys broke up. I broke up with my GF 3 months ago after 2.5 years. I secretly crave her companionship and I know all it would take is a phone call, however sometimes you just have to reflect on the time spent together and whether or not it was healthy for your well being, or perhaps your goals changed? I would not get back together with my ex based on the above and I'm probably craving female attention/companionship regardless of whom its from. I imagine you can relate to the case above.


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  • good chance of getting back together. But why a break? Most of the time a "break" is ending up getting back together

  • Sounds like there could be a good chance


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