What does this mean? Why would he say that?

So I found out recently my cheating ex has a dating profile, which is weird. His description of what he was looking for in a girl was the exact description of me. He also gave a description of the relationship, which was an exact description of our relationship.

He cheated on me. Said that he no longer had feelings for me even though that never came up until I caught him. He was making plans for summer. We haven't talked in months and then he added me on Snapchat but never responded to my Snapchat. He likes all these girls pictures on instagram, most are my teammates.

Why would he do that?

Why would he give an exact description of me and our relationship?

I go back to college and will see him in a few weeks, help me out.


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  • my guess is he likes many aspects of your personality, but isn't ready for an exclusive, committed relationship


What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't have feelings for you. If he wanted to be with you, he would. That's kind of the reality. Yeah you can sit around and analyze his dating profile, snapchat with him and just forget that he cheated on you (which by the way is the worst betrayal) but that doesn't really change the fact that a) he cheated on you and b) doesn't want to be with you. People try to find false hope in small things all the time to validate themselves or to make it better but the reality is when you look at the cold hard facts you come to realize they can't be that into you if they were willing to tell you that they have no feelings. No one tells a person they truly love "hey I don't have feelings for you anymore, goodbye" ... unless they have split personality disorder or a serious mental problem.

    Also once again I can't believe you missed this but he CHEATED on you. Like how can you even think of wanting to contact him again and send him messages on Snapchat. He did the worst thing ever to you and yet I sense that you still want to be with him and cling onto hope. Don't you think you deserve better than that?>


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