Men... why would you show up at your ex's house on a Saturday morning just to say hi?

We've been broken up for close to. a year, but have 11 years history. He said he just wanted to say hi and see how my birthday was. Then he proceeds to say a few things that hurt me. What was the purpose of the visit?


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  • I'm a little young to give an answer to this according to some people, but let's just not take my age into account here okay? Soo.. lets see. Why would a guy do that? Well... he missed you, but when he saw you he remembered or saw something "bad". And then the purpose i. e. to wish you a happy birthday because he still cares about you and for which he actually came was never fulfilled, and as an excuse he made a little spectacle to make it look like he wasn't missing you but was actually just steaming off. But i'm impressed hehe, A lot of women would rather buy into the "jerk-ass trying to ruin the birthday" theory. But anyways, Im glad that you looked past that, I bet you two had some great moments together :) . I hope my answer helped :)

    • Wow... for a young guy, that is a great analysis. :). Idk... I. think my ex is just a creep and wants to continue to hurt me even after we're done.

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    • Maybe. Also, why would he look for appliances if he ain't good? Also, when a certain someone leaves a man, he feels the need to like "show" her. It could be quite possible that he is not that good guy but it is possible that he just might be :) Also.. Maybe he visited you while on the way to her home to just trouble you like the jerk he is... but maybe... he just came over from his place to wish you and actually remembered your birthday but messed it up rather bad. He might be bad, he might be good. It's just a matter of belief :)

    • Yep... it could be either. You're very smart for a young guy. :)

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  • He misses you and wants you to fuck him again

    • I don't think he misses me... i would have to agree with the last part. I won't be giving in to that!!!

  • He misses u n then he got emotional

    • Hmmm... interesting.

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    • No, let's b real, he would not get up that early just to be an Ass. He misses u n he doesn't know how to express himself in a constructive manner

    • I believe he is up and over this way this early because the married chick he was screwing and just dumped him bought a house apparently close to mine. He was out looking for appliances for her. See... he is a DICK!!!

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  • You didn't say what he said but I think he misses you & is hurt by the situation & it came out the wrong way.

    • I'll also say that he might be jealous if you seem like you're having a nice life without him.

    • Well... I. had on typical Saturday morning attire... T-shirt, cotton short and a baseball hat. He asked if I "had gone out looking like that"? I. said yes... he said, "well, you're not going to pick up. anyone looking like that". Then he said he might take our dogs (he still has them) to an ex friend of mine who is a dog groomer to get their nails trimmed. He said, "maybe she'll do the dogs for free and do me too". Really? Wtfe!!!

    • Yeah he's jealous & trying to make you jealous at the same time.

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