How do I regain my ex gf's trust and reconcilliation?

Hi I wondered if any girls could help with my question

My gf and I spilt up 2 months ago as she gave me an ultimatum I was unable to do at the time of asking.

We went a month without communicating and eventually I texted her to say I cared very much for her still but she said she felt to hurt and disrespected by me and could not bare the thought of looking in my eyes and thinking I just felt seeing her was for fun. I apologised and said how much I respected her a couple of weeks went by and she texted me by mistake out of the blue and it started a long conversation between us we had a real heart to heart via text the other day when she said she had strong feelings for me she had never felt for another man and had cried herself to sleep over me. I guess we apologised to one another

but her last text just said I was nice knowing you really I hope all your dreams come true your a very nice guy take care

I ddnt respond that was a Cpl of weeks ago. I think she now knows how much I still care for her and we even apologised for hurting one another.

My question to girls out there is how do I prove to her I love her and regain her trust t I believe she still loves me so help and advice would be welcome
Hi to the two kind ladies who offered advise to my question I sent song id written and recorded and my ex really loved it. I think she felt flattered and special that id taken the time to compose and record a tune for her so thankyou so far so good


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  • Texting is cheap lol get to her in person, take her out ON A DATE, bring flowers, be a gentlemen. At this point, words aren't going to cut it. Take action and show her that you mean business.

    • Thanks for your comments they are much apreciated

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    • Thanks Hollyanne I hope very much she is of same opinion :-)

    • Yes but I am simply advising him of this because he's being laid back kinda in his approach. I think he has to be very clear and decisive, leaving her with no doubts that this time it's real and he's not leaving her again.

  • Oh my god, don't leave her hanging!!! You have to text her back or call or see her and fight for her if you really want her. It seems like she got some closure and you just accepted it and the worst thing to do is leave it this long because as time goes by, her feeling will wane. Women love it when a man fights and charges back to win back her love. But get a clue if she says back off and to leave her alone because then it becomes stalking. But with all the questioning people do lately of texting back and ignoring and what does it mean, let it be known that you are there and willing to fight for her and keep checking in at least once a day to remind her you really do love her.

    • Sorry I ment opinion up for your kind reply but clicked wrong button I will try but I am confused as to weather she just wants to forget about me or not and I certainly am not a stalker type

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    • Okay then you need to not let two weeks go by. Tell her you took two weeks to give her some space and to give you time to realize how much you've been missing her and you just can't go another day. Whip up a song for her and let her hear it as soon as possible. If you can't have it done by then, tease her by saying you have something special you're working on just for her, but let her know it's from your heart and it's not something you bought. (Sometimes women are funny and start thinking you might be getting her jewelry or something and then get disappointed.) But as time goes by, the more she's going to assume she meant nothing to you. You should get on it very quickly. Good luck!--and post an update! :)

    • Thanks I will do the song is ready and done to go :-) and has been a few days

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