Ladies if your ex wanted to get back with you what would you want him to say?

I want to get back together with my ex but I'm not quite sure what to say. We broke 6 months ago and have been getting along much better since the break up where she dumped me. She has been giving what I believe to be signals that she still has feelings and so do I but I don't know what to say. I'm bad with words but I need to figure out what to say. We're going out for lunch tomorrow and I want to see how she would react to the idea of us trying to work things out. How do you bring up such a serious topic and what do I say to convey my feelings to her without say the l word and sounding like a total ex bf cliché? Any comments are welcome please and thank you!


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  • "I've been thinking a lot about us, and to be honest, every time I do, I can't think of anything I'd like better than to have you in my life again. I know it's probably a shock for you because this is fresh to hear it from me, but I've had a lot of time to think about it. If you need time, I completely understand and maybe we can start slow and get to know each other all over again. There are things I want to catch up on and share with you since we've been apart, and I want to know how you've been too. I want things to go as slow as you feel comfortable, but since we have a past together, I really wouldn't mind picking up where we left off because I just miss you so damn much. I want to talk, I want to be friends, and I want to be lovers, and I just want to be a better man for you because I now see how much you deserve that. Let me be that guy for you now."

    • Wow that's really good! Did you come up with this?

    • Yeah. It's probably something I'd like to hear if it were me.

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