Do guys check up on their ex girlfriends after breakup on social media?

Lets say she broke up with him.
Do guys check up or look because they're curious on what their ex's are doing after a breakup on twitter, instagram etc?(roughly a week or few days after a breakup and no contact like texting)

Girls deff do. Lol. at least I did.
Mainly young guys like 16-19?


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  • I will admit I do check up on my ex from time to time, only because its difficult for me to completly loose touch the women I've loved. And I only date women that I can see myself being with for a long time and honestly loving them. So yes I stalk my ex out of a small care and appreciation for what we once had.


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  • I personally don't. If I broke up with her there was obviously some reason behind it. And besides, what's the point of looking back?

  • I have a few times but it was only in the beginning nowadays i couldnt give less of a damn


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