Fresh Breakup, Shitty Feeling, We both want each other?

Me and my gf were together for half a year (i know its not that long) but we hung out like every other day, and we were happy and great. But little things kept getting in the way, we had little to no privacy, her family didn't like me and they talked shit behid my back, and she wanted to wait till marriage to have sex. The relationship became routine and boring and stressful. But we were good to each other and we had no problems between us. I was losing desire/effort to make plans and intimacy was dying. Family kept getting in the way, making the relationship stressful and we both weren't happy. We both were thinking about breaking up so 2 days ago, I ended it and made it clear we should step down and just be friends.

Now, our group of friends are making plans and we were going to go to a party together and socialize with our group, but just as friends. Her family won't let her anywhere near me. She calls me crying on the phone and we text eachother constantly. We both are torn from the breakup and we can't get back together because it would be the same as how it was before. Also her family wouldn't allow it. I don't know what to do at this point...


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  • Family can be the biggest obstacle in any relationship... You have to as yourself how will things be if you continued with the family still influencing things. Family never leaves they will always be part of your lives and they have to for both of your mental health. If you two were on board and fought to ensure your mutual love was acknowledged and respected by all parties there was a chance. If not, then there is no chance. I'm thinking of Romeo and Juliet, it ended badly but they truly loved each other. They fought for each other relentlessly. Good luck brother...

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