Ex boyfriend gives me mixed signals?

My ex boyfriend dumped me five months ago. He turned into a douchebag over one night when I got too close. I gave him the cold shoulder and for some reason he was really hurt by it. So just recently after five months he deeply apologized and we started texting again but I'm very careful though. I get very mixed signals from him like he's playing with me but he's also serious. People knew we were together and I met his parents but it's like he drops by whenever he feel like it. Whenever I get too close he push me away? Which makes me pull away but then he gets all worried and gets close again. If I go out he'll ask me tons of questions but when he goes out he barley tells me anything. I cannot move on because I simply don't know what he really feels and I do like him a lot. I just don't understand why he waited five months? And why is he so confusing? I want to know what he's up to, help?


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  • What a convoluted relationship!
    Both of you have/Each of you has the tools to write a book on manipulation.
    Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!
    Neither of you has them.
    You. Want. To. Know. What. He's. Up. To...
    Why? If he's an ex you shouldn't care.
    Advice: Have a good, long talk with him. Find out expectations. Set boundaries.
    If you don't, this drama has no chance of ever ending...
    However, that doesn't seem to be what you both want.


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