Why has my ex boyfriend unblocked me in watsapp now?

I was dating this guy for about 6months.. and he had a girlfriend from 2010 and now they are being in a long distance relationship. I tols her about me and him in a relationship last june. after that I got an email from him saying not to text or get in contact with him ever. Since then I have not contacted him and he blocked me in watsapp and facebook. after a month I sent him a text saying that thanks for hurting me this much. a couple of days after that I noticed that he has unblocked me in watsapp which was how we used to be in contact. I see him online several times a day.
What should I do? Its been one month and one week after his last email to me.
I told about the relationship to her this June 20th.
I did the NC and only on the last day I send the text. Iam close to his mom and his family doesn't know about her at all. everyday I see him online in watsapp


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  • Why are you even bothering with this loser? He's made it clear not to contact him so why are you doing so?
    He's moved on and so should you. Let it go , stop obsessing over him and find someone who cares

    • I know I should do dat.
      But he hurted me a lot. like made himself to be the victim when it was wrong. I won't contact him. I got a text from her though saying she curses me and all.
      His cousin was friends with me.. he even asked him not to talk with me

  • Lol loser. All hung up on a guy who don't give a shit about you. What a joke lol. If he liked you he wouldn't cheat on his girl, he would finish with her and be with you.
    Lol keep chasing him and update is on the hilarious story as it continues.
    Good Luck!! X


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