Stages of breakups for guys?

I heard breakups don't usually hit them till like week 2. And that guys go throughout stages of getting over a breakup. Is it true?
Especially guys who are teens. And where does the rebound girl comes in the picture?


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  • I've had one breakup that especially affected me.

    My experience was at first sadness, then eagerness to move on, then resentment towards her, and more sadness. Then as they say, time healed those wounds because life goes on.

    There were no rebound girls in the picture for me, rather I was started to enjoy talking with other girls, talking with people in general.


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  • 1. Huh.
    2. Calls up buddies
    3. Gets hammered
    4. Rinse and repeat steps 1-3
    5. Shrugs


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